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A well-designed landscape should not only enrich your lifestyle and increase your experience of your outdoors, but it should also increase the value of your home with its visual appeal.

If you’ve had this in mind then look no further, as residential landscaping is what we do best here at Amescape Seamless Landscape and Construction. 

We collaborate with you to create an outdoor space that reflects your lifestyle and personality while also maximizing the value of your Yarra Valley property. We cover most residential landscaping services along with landscape construction and garden/pool landscaping around pools.  


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Residential Landscaping 

You may have moved to a new house whose old owners didn’t maintain a lovely garden. Or maybe you have saved enough money to make the outdoor space you’ve always desired.

Either way, from initial planning and design to its implementation, Amescape can offer you an entire residential landscape service. 

Garden Landscaping 

Have you just moved to your new home and want to change the landscape completely?

Or is there an old outdoor space that needs a bit of attention? 

Whether it’s a new space or old outdoor area, our landscape designers will create a whole new landscape according to your requirements and desires and can even build your garden from scratch if needed. 

Environmentally Friendly 

We follow strict but necessary water limits, installing reticulation systems that are as cost-effective as possible and propose the best plants, grasses, and landscapes required to withstand our hot, dry summers.  

By creating a sustainable, low maintenance landscape, we hope to make life easier for you and the environment. Our expert team can assist you in realising your vision for a beautiful environment while making it simple to maintain throughout the year, allowing you to enjoy the lifestyle that only your ideal outdoor environment can provide. 

Reliable Yarra Valley Landscaping 

Having been in the landscaping profession for many years, we have successfully established strong relationships with residential homeowners across the Yarra Valley.  

Our residential landscaping experts have ensured 100 percent client satisfaction and built trust among homeowners over the years of working on various landscaping projects.  

In addition, we have successfully established a special place in the hearts of our long-standing clients through transparent communication and the best affordable pricing factor. 

As a dependable landscaping service, you can be confident that you will be working with a team that incorporates and considers your feedback when designing your garden, all while completing the job on time and within budget. 

Custom Landscaping Services 

We take pleasure in our versatility and ability to accomplish any work, regardless of size or scope. We have a team of highly competent in-house landscape designers to assist us in providing high-quality overall landscaping solutions.  

They’ll sit down with you and go over the finer details and take note of your goals and what you intend to gain from the landscaping process. 

This information will then be used to produce a detailed design plan that will define the work and how it is to be done.  


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Why We’re Yarra Valley’s Best!


We believe that a few characteristics distinguish Amescape from other Yarra Valley landscaping & Gardening companies. 

We are a 100% locally owned and operated business, which means we employ residents and give back to the community. Because we appreciate what we do, our team excels at getting the job done. From design to construction to upkeep, we can handle the full landscaping process. 

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